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I have created a hypoallergenic healing crystal jewellery range using surgical steel and other metals after hearing from various customers how hard it is to find items that are reasonably priced, but are also hypoallergenic. Most people with metal allergies are allergic to nickel so can wear sterling silver, but the price can be limiting as it's a precious metal. I have used hypoallergenic metals such a surgical steel, which is use in hospitals for surgical instruments and is chosen for its toughness, lack of reaction to external substances (surgical steel doesn't react to air or water and so doesn't tarnish and can be deep cleaned), and also the reduced likeliness to cause allergic reactions in patients. This makes stainless steel a great affordable and durable option for hypoallergenic jewellery. My hypoallergenic crystal range includes rings, earrings, pendants on chains and bracelets. There are also some hypoallergenic men's items which are included within the men's items category.Add description


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