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Sterling Silver Rings

I have created a range of 925 sterling silver healing crystal rings most of which are adjustable so will fit most ring sizes and fingers. The metaphysical significance of the crystal can change according to the finger onto which it is placed. The left hand is associated with private life such as home and family. The right hand is associated with public life such as work and the persona you present to those that you don't know well. Rings placed on the thumb add the symbolism of control, willpower, and motivation. The index finger is associated with self so represents confidence, ambition and spirituality. The middle finger is associated with your responsibilities, your relationship with authority, people around you and learning/knowledge.  The ring finger is associated with emotions, love and creativity. The little finger is associated with business, wealth, sexuality, and communication. Linking the crystal properties with the energy of the specific finger may enhance the crystal's energy.


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